Light Heavyweight Tournament Final Fight: Travis Wiuff (206 lbs) vs. Attila Vegh (204. 4 lbs)

Bantamweight Tournament Final Fight: Luis Nogueira (136 lbs) vs. Marcos Galvao (136 lbs)

Heavyweight Feature Fight: Ryan Martinez (264 lbs) vs. Mike Wessel (262.4 lbs)

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Mike Mucitelli (204.4 lbs) vs. Matt Van Buren (205.8 lbs)


Lightweight Feature Fight: Harry Johnson (155 lbs) vs. Cosmo Alexander (155.6 lbs)

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight:  Brian Albin (205 lbs) vs. Jacob Noe (205.8 lbs)

Middleweight Feature Fight: Amaechi Oselukwue (184. 2 lbs) vs. Kelvin Tiller (190.2 lbs)

Bantamweight Feature Fight: Jay Black (133 lbs) vs. Brian Hall (135.6 lbs)

Lightweight Feature Fight: Chris Coggins (146 lbs) vs. Zach Underwood (145.6 lbs)

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