In the previous week, we shared some information on the biggest organisations in Kyokushin. We showed how after Sosai Oyama’s death his students started to fight against each other for the dan grades, money, and power.
Today we would like to show some extreme pathology in case of creating fake organisations and masters who should never wear karate Gi.

We start with organisation created by Mr. Andrey Coulombe. He was former Branch Chief working directly with Sosai Oyama. Mr. Coulombe wanted to establish own organisation and gain a higher grade. But at that time it was necessary to have a Japanese representative in Organisation Board in order to be more authentic. He found just a student, but who was from Japan (Iwashita). So he decided to nominate him as a Kancho and he got tittle of Soke (creator). Mr. Coulombe gave to Iwashita direct 6th dan and received 9th dan from his new organisation. But untill now we still don’t know what the final name of the organisation is. It was Seishinkai, World Kyokushin, and several other names. They were also changing dan certificates, all the time. We also do not know what grade has Iwashita because in different pictures from the same years there are 6th, 7th and 8th dan, but also black and red!!! belt mix. Both Mr. Coulombe and Iwashita accepted many members expelled from several other organisations (for example from Netherlands and Italy). They also found former all weight category Japanese champion N. Sonoda and gave him 8th dan and granted him title of Vice Kancho. After a time Sonoda created his organisation and named himself Kaicho (president). Member of this organisation is Herbert E.Foster from Switzerland who uses the 7th dan grade where we can see not his name but name in china language. He has never trained Kyokushin. Only some styles of Kobudo and JuJitsu.

We wrote also last week about Organisation based in Singapour. IKO 1 President Matsui wrote a statement that he expelled this Organisation Kancho for not being loyal to IKO. But a few days ago appeared a letter from 2018 in which Matsui accepts resignation of the person. We will never know for 100%, but Kancho from Singapour was a member of the Board of organisation when Sosai Oyama was alive, so he is a very respectable person in the Martial Arts world.
Unfortunately, there are some people close to him who don’t deserve to wear a Karate uniform. We can see that this is the same situation as with Sosai and people from the mafia who were sent to takeover Kyokushin Organisation.
The worst example of such people is Mr. Steven Foo (for us also science fiction) from the Philippines. We won’t write here about reasons for his moving from Singapore to the Philippines because it is not the topic of this article and has nothing to do with Kyokushin. We will only mention about his activities as an activist in Karate. Before as his President he was a member of IKO 1. One time he organised an event in the Philippines. He gave to all Branch Chiefs an album with girls and said that if they want they can choose and he will send them the girl to their room as a gift. So we can see that he behave like PIMP, not Karate master. Several times he also granted dan certificates with his signature to Kyokushin masters from the Philippines. The problem was that there were not the official certificates normally send by Honbu of IKO 1. So it is sure that he didn’t pay to Honbu the fee for this. And when one of Shihans from the Philippines refused him to join the new organisation Mr Steven Foo started to spread rumors that this man was not Kyokushin and he never gave him any certificate (we found this master and we present this certificate under our article).
This person is also well known for hate against other people who are not comfortable with him. He uses his money to poison people’s minds with his hate and ask them to follow him in his way.

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